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How long does shipping take?

What is the Card reading process?

Orders take up to 7 business days to process and ship

One card and Celtic Cross Readings you must email us the question, full names and birthdates to complete. Once confirmed you receive an emailed reading 3-4 business days (delays can occur).

Overview and Platinum Readings you will receive a link to Google Hangouts for us to meet. Please have question, full names and birthdates available by the appointment date.

Do you ship worldwide?

Refund Policies for Readings

We currently ship everywhere in the US, Canada, and the UK

Detailed in T&C and is at the discretion of the reader

Upgrading or Emergency Same Day Readings

Upgrading during a reading is subject to a separate charge and emergency readings are subject to an additional $60 charge.

Do you do cleansings?

No this is not my area of expertise, I can refer someone but you are better off doing research locally

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